Q: What is the Highpointers Club all about?

A: The purpose of the Highpointers Club is to promote climbing to the highest point in each of the fifty (50) states; provide a forum for education about the highpoints; aid in the preservation and conservation of the highpoints and their environs; provide a vehicle through which persons with this common goal can meet and correspond with one another; maintain positive relationships with owners of highpoints on private property; assist in the care and maintenance of highpoints; and support public and private efforts to maintain the integrity of and access to state highpoints.  If you are already a club member, you may be interested in this Highpointers Powerpoint Presentation.

Q: What, and how, is the best way to get connected with highpointing and getting the most information available?

A: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter! There are many guide books out there that help tremendously. Be sure to stay with the most updated books that you can get. The more books that you have the more cross reference information you’ll have. Even the older books are great for historical information. Just remember that information such as open roads, access, etc… is not as current as newsletter and online information. The latest guide books are available at the Club Merc via the newsletter or www.highpointers.org/merc. The latest online information may be found on this website or by searching the web and checking out the forums, blogs, and member websites. The convention is the best face to face experience that you can have to get the most out of highpointing. Check out the newsletter and website for the latest convention information. There you’ll meet several hundred highpointers that will help in your quest. Send in your application, pay registration fees, make reservations, and we’ll see you at the next Club Convention!!!

Q: I want to be a member but don’t want my email given out or listed in the directory for security reasons… Is that possible?

A: Yes! In a day where a person has to be safety conscious in many different aspects as before, we can keep your membership unlisted. Although we want contact information such as phone number, email, etc… we NEVER give this information out. This information is used strictly for contact within the club by the Board Members and standing committees only.

Q: Are the member’s addresses ever given out or sold to outside sources?

A: NEVER!!! The addresses in the Club’s Directory are to help members contact other members by state and region for the purpose of expanding the “Highpointing Experience.”

Q: I have just recently joined the club and noticed that my expiration date (… or renewal date) is a bit less than a one year membership?

A: We operate this club on a quarterly basis. Your membership expires with the last newsletter (Apex to Zenith) of your paid membership. When you join you get your first copy of the newsletter, along with the directory and other information… and then you get three more issues of the newsletter concluding your first year of membership. When, and if, you renew everything falls into place.

Q: How do I know if it’s time to renew?

A: The renewal quarter is always listed on the mailing label of your newsletter. If that’s not enough, we will insert a notification in your last issue of the newsletter. If you have a current email address listed with the club in the data base, you will be notified as a final reminder to renew.

Q: I recently joined the club and noticed, in my first issue from mailing house delivery of the newsletter, that I’m not listed in the “Newbies” listing?

A: Depending on when you join, the information may have not been available to the newsletter folks yet. All information and articles go to the editors (John and Dave) about a month before the newsletter comes out. So, by next issue you should be listed.

Q: How do I submit articles, photos, trip reports or notes of importance to the newsletter?

A: All information to be submitted to the club newsletter should be sent to the editors at: Highpointers Club Newsletter, PO Box 1496, Golden CO 80402-1496 or via email to newsletter@highpointers.org. If it is more convenient, you may send that information along with your membership renewals as I have constant contact, and regular mailings, with the newsletter editors in Colorado.

Q: Is it alright to send in orders for club merchandise along with my membership renewals?

A: No!!! All club merchandise, guide books, etc… sales are operated through a totally different part of the club. ALL sales go through the HP Merc. Club merchandise catalog / listings are in each copy of the newsletter or may be purchased online by going to www.highpointers.org/merc. You may contact the email hpmerc18@gmail.com.

Q: I have recently joined the club and would like to get older copies of the newsletter. Are they available?

A: Yes, most are available as well as a compendium of the originals comprised by Jack Longacre. The most recent are available by contacting the editors at the Newsletter address or by contacting newsletter@highpointers.org. The compendium is available for purchase from the HP Merc with information available in the newsletter and at https://highpointers.org/merc.

Q: Why does the Club frequently use the word “Klub” and “Konvention” instead of Club or Convention?

A: The letter “K” is a unique item with this club. There are several stories that have evolved on this very subject. My official story came from our Guru Jack (Jakk) Longacre. Jakk once told me that when he was starting up the club (remember, the club started from about 10 members) that he had to get a typewriter, so Jakk, being the frugal one that he was, found such a deal that even he couldn’t refuse. Little did he know, until he started on the first club newsletter, there was no “C” key. Ever inventive, Jakk decided that the letter “K” would suffice. Hence… history is made.

Q: Where can I find out more about the club and club operations?

A: The “Club Directory.” It has everything from members listed by state to the most recent edition of the “Club By-Laws.” This directory comes out with the second newsletter (about late spring) of each year and is included with the membership packet upon joining.

Q: How do I become a member of the Board of Directors and what are the qualifications?

A: Board members serve three-year terms and can hold office only for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Call for nominations (candidates can self-nominate) for board members occur in the fourth quarter newsletter. The ballot is sent out in the first quarter newsletter with the election usually concluded by May 30 of each election year. There are no paid positions in the Club. To be eligible you must be a member in good standing (dues current), have access to e-mail, attend at least two conventions / meetings during each term and consent to the nomination prior to submission to the board election. Submissions may be made by sending them to nominations@highpointers.org. Any questions may be discussed by calling (303) 278-1915.

Q: Are there any regional gatherings of the Highpointers Club?

A: No, not officially. There are, however, many spontaneous gatherings sometime called “Mini-Konventions.” These have no official connections with the club and are not sponsored by the club. These gatherings are usually circling around some project that members are working on, a trip to a certain point of interest or maybe just a sports game. Sometimes a mention in the newsletter will be made or just a last minute thing evolving during the convention.

Q: I am interested in having a Highpointers Club Convention in my area. What do I have to do?

A: First off you need to get a plan to see if it’s feasible to have one in your area depending on lodging, banquet space, location to the area highpoint, etc. As the conventions go along, space requirements will be approximately 250 – 300 attending both the meeting and the banquet. Space will be needed for the Board of Directors meeting as well. Registration and “The Merc” will also need their space. The meeting / banquet are traditionally held on a Saturday evening with a Friday night get together. These days are not exactly set in stone and may be moved for the convenience of the Convention Host. Although the club likes to have this gathering in late summer, before school starts, it is sometimes necessary to have it after the school season begins due to weather conditions in the selected area. The request must be made officially at the banquet two years in advance (no proxies). A vote will be made by every member attending that convention on the selection site (you must be present to vote). You must present your plan to the membership at the convention and accept the responsibility to complete the convention task if selected. Expect plenty of competition in the race to get the convention, so come prepared with information and ideas. There are many members experienced in the convention process and several standing committees that will make this process more enjoyable and easier to handle. If interested, more information will be available upon request. You may also be interested in reading the Convention Policies and Procedures Agreement.

Q: Are there any club sanctioned hikes?

A: Yes, there is only one club sanction hike / visit each year held in conjunction with the convention. All club activities must have a waiver signed by the member prior to the hike / visitation. If the highpoint being honored by the convention is too dangerous the club may not sanction a hike / visit to that particular highpoint.