48 Finishers as of June 6, 2017

The 48-finishers list is updated every year and published in the “Apex to Zenith” Highpointers Club newsletter which is a membership benefit.

This data was compiled by John Mitchler and Terry Bird. Spreadsheet updates by Kathy Dalsaso. 

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Rank 48 Name 48 Date 48th State Newsletter Issue Rank 50

How many have become a 48-finisher in your home state? [Hint, you can sort the table on the “48th State” column].

The top 5 states in which club members have become 48-finishers are: Montana-92, Wyoming-77, Washington-46, Maine-31 and Oregon-24. No-one has become a 48-finisher by summiting in Kansas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania.

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