New Stuff for Highpointers!!!

New “Highpointers Connectior” blog at:  Here you can hook up with parters for highpointing, swap/find gear, post about books…  Add to it and enjoy it.  any ideas, just pass them along.

As you’ve noticed, there have been some changes and additions around the Highpointers Club and the relam it’s self.  We’re putting out a few polls, will probably be doing some surveys, and trying to make it where all members can get the most out of their club.

We’re using a new service to send out the “e-Bulletins.”  If you have one in you inbox… check it out.  If you’re not getting them then either you don’t have an email address, an expired email add (most common) or it’s being blocked by a “Spam Filter”  Be sure to add in your address book and make sure we’re on your “White List” if you have one.

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