2018 Highpoint Club Scholarship Winners!

The 2018 Highpointers Scholarship was announced in the 2Q issue of Apex to Zenith.

This marks the third year of the club’s scholarship, and most likely the last due to changes in the club. We believe this initiative successfully engaged students with the learning aspects of highpointing.

We thank the following students for participating and wish them well in their studies and in their pursuit of highpoints. We thank the volunteers who gave many hours of their time to establish this scholarship, and to the many donors who funded the awards.

Katherine Ake
Natalie Ake
Natalie Bernero
Ann Marie Blackmon
Brendan MacKay
Catie Rickert

Ann Blackmon
John Cermak
Colden Fees
Brendan ackay
Ben Ruffing
Whitney Webb
Joel Wilner

Caroline Baker
Alison Blake
Alyssa Greaney
Eileen Leach
Quenton Max
Joseph Cermak

Article appearing in 2Q issue:

The 2018 Highpointers Scholarship winners are Caroline Baker, Joseph Cermak, and Alison Blake. Each of this year’s winners have been awarded with a $500.00 check from the Highpointers Scholarship Fund. Congratulations!!

I would like to thank volunteers Kathy and John Mitchler, Marion Bauman, Lizzie Brammer and Laura Newman for making this year’s judging a success.

It has been an honor for me to be involved with the Scholarship Program because of the opportunities it gives our younger members. It was also an honor for me to present the first three years of Scholarship Awards for the club. It’s time for me to move on now and let others lead this great program into the future. Good Luck!

Bomber Brown, Scholarship Chair

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