Board of Directors Election for 2001

[Published in Apex to Zenith #52 – First Quarter 2001]

Candidates for 2001 Board of Directors (vote for 5)

( ) Gene Elliott

  • Employed with the local Parks System in Maryland for 33 years
  • Considerable experience working with the general public
  • Highpointing since 1995, 33 HP’s
  • Advocate for Backbone Mtn. in Maryland since 1996, maintained trail, worked with private owners to allow public access
  • Awarded Vin Hoeman Award in 1999, along with wife Lillian
  • Caretaker of 2 miles of the A.T.
  • Attended every convention since 1995. I would love to serve as a Board Member

( ) Robert Hyman

  • Club Secretary, member for 9 years, Board the last 3 years, 44 HP’s
  • Work with the board on important issues of our rapidly growing organization
  • I also am currently a member of two other steering committees, including the Explorers Club
  • My leadership ability, along with friendships with other members, will be valuable as we continue to grow and deal with issues as they arise
  • Active in Exploratory Scientific Research Expeditions around the world

( ) George Johnson

  • Highpointing since 1981 and being from Michigan, I helped organize the first Highpoint outing on Mt. Arvon April 1987
  • Continued to serve the Club by organizing climbs and serving on the Board
  • Finally finishing all 50 Highpoints on Denali after my third attempt, I hope to inspire all Highpointers that they too can overcome any adversity to complete their goals
  • I would like to continue to serve the Club as an elected Board Members

( ) Mary Maurer

  • First hike – Guadalupe Peak (1990)
  • Attended every Convention since 1990 except one
  • Helped host Convention Banquets 1993 and 1994
  • Served on the Board for the past 3 years
  • Coordinate the sale of the Club Newsletter Compendium
  • The Highpointers Club is a unique organization which provides a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to participate in a wonderful endeavor, and I would very much enjoy another term as a Director

( ) John Mitchler

  •  I Love Highpointing! And I like helping others enjoy Highpointing through my position as Editor of the Club newsletter (3rd year). To continue serving as a Director, I respectfully request your support.
  • 48 highpoints since 1982
  • 9 consecutive conventions
  • Involved in most Club committees
  • Maintain the Club’s working files, archives, checkbook, e-mail address, and a P0 box
  • I will share Club responsibilities with other members who volunteer their time!!

( ) Roger Rowlett

  • I have contact with the Club and Highpointers virtually every day as I maintain the Club’s website as well as and moderate the Highpointers Forum
  • I have 43 highpoints and have attended two conventions
  • As a board member I would like to focus on tightening up some loose ends to enhance our position as one of the world’s premiere outdoor organizations

( ) Penn Watson

  • I am interested jn becoming a member of the Board
  • I am a retired controller and have attended all but the first two conventions
  • Involved with the Boy Scouts 30+ years, have led four contingents to the Philmont Scout Ranch. My own two boys and I have climbed~ many of the highpoints together
  • Currently, I am working with the Liaison Committee to develop Advocates for the state highpoints
  • My background would be of value.
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