Chanting “Cheese”, Highpointers Name Wisconsin Site of 2007 Convention

Jim Sutton Highpointers ClubJim Sutton promising “cheese” bested the Flying Urbanski brothers buckeye push in the competition for the 2007 Convention in the Midwest.

Wisconsin-native Jim badgered convention goers in with promises of two cheese factories within 10 miles, hints of scheduling it around the Oshgosh fly in and noting it is between Michigan and Illinois. Perhaps his trump cards were the support of Don Holmes who did the research and arch convention mega organizer Nikki Hemphill.

The stiffest competition came from the Ed and Steve Urbanski, famed for their flyins to highpoints, who actually went to Bellefontaine to discuss convention options with the city tourism officials. It was one of the best presentations from a practical point of view (complete with low cost hotels and campgrounds). The Urbanskis graciously agreed to help with the 2007 convention.

Ken Akerman nominated Michigan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the club’s first convention there in 1987.

The Urbanski brothers nominate Ohio.

Steve Sutton
Steve Sutton working the crowd after doing one for the Badgers.

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