Comparing Highpoints to Tallest Buildings in a State

Most highpointers have a general idea of which states boast highpoints with higher elevations than other states, but what about tallest buildings?  Seems like a list someone could get behind trying to complete.  Business Insider posted a story about the tallest building in each state.  Before we get going, the list does not take the natural elevation of where the building stands into account. Instead, it is just the actual height of the building.  Here’s a look at a few highlights:

While Alaska’s Denali measures up as the highest point in the United States and all of North America’s, it’s tallest building, the Conco-Phillips Building (296 feet) in Anchorage, does not even measure up to Florida’s Britton Hill, much less Florida’s tallest building, Panorama Tower in Miami (868 feet).

Speaking of Panorama Tower, it is one of three buildings on the list that has an elevation taller than its state’s natural highpoint. One Shell Square in New Orleans (697 feet) stands taller the Pelican State’s highpoint Driskill Mountain (535 feet).  Willis Tower (1729 feet) in Chicago would loom over Illinois’s highest natural point, Charles Mound (1235 feet) as well.  Even if you only measure to the roof (1450 feet) or the observation deck on the 103rd floor (1353 feet), the building’s height would still surpass Charles Mound.

New York boasts the tallest building in the United States, One World Trade Center (1776 feet) in Manhattan.  The shortest, tallest building in a state?  That title goes to Decker Towers in Burlington, Vermont.  This eleven-story apartment building measures to 124 feet.

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  1. Olivier Kozlowski says:

    I’ll have to dig up the old research I did on “higherpoints,” which are man-made points that surpass the natural highpoint in the state.

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