Fourth Quarter 2005 Chairman Column

It’s been a relatively quiet quarter for the Club.

Jakk continues to make his world tour with Barb Gurtler taking him up the usually politically inaccessible 7 Summit Carstenz Pyramid.

Ron Farb has ambitious plans to get teams to climb all 50 state summits on June 24, 2006, with his highpointing project to raise funds to fight cancer.

Adam Heilman, the, webmeister extraordinaire, published a book on prominence.

Club board members had a rough patch immediately following the convention. Fred Lobdell lost his mother. . Jean Trousdale lost her brother. Craig Noland was in intensive care with complications from gall stones but still bounced back to put out last minute fires for to make sure everything is in order for the North Carolina convention. I myself had a flash after being hospitalized with a bacterial endocarditis heart valve infection.

Since we all are bound together in the Highpointing family, we do appreciate the well wishes during this time.

There are going to be big changes in the structure of the Board in 2006 because of term limits. Dave Covill, Don Holmes, Jean Trousdale and Diane Winger must step down. They have done great jobs and will remain active but won’t have official governing capacity. There is always reluctance to run against incumbents in friendly, hopefully well-run club. But we are now in desperate need of people willing to run the board.

We look forward to an interesting 2006. Everything always seems to work out!

Keep Klimbin’

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