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Gerry Roach to be HI 2000 Convention Speaker

Gerry Roach to Be Convention Speaker

By David Covill []

Beckie & I are pleased to announce that Gerry Roach will be our convention speaker this July in Hawaii. Gerry will present a slide show entitled “Highpoints of the World” or “Beyond the Seven Summits” or something like that. Gerry has, literally, been everywhere, done everything.

He was the 2nd person to do the Seven Summits. His name is mentioned prominently in Dick Bass’ book “The Seven Summits”. He has climbed extensively in South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. He has been on top of Everest, and several other Himalayan peaks. 

Of course, here in North America, he is famed for his books on climbing in the Rockies. He has written a guidebook to hiking in several specific areas in Colorado, exploring arches in Utah, and most prominently, a guide to Colorado’s 14’ers.

Gerry and his wife Jennifer live in Boulder CO. She is an accomplished climber in her own right, having summited the highest 100+ peaks in Colorado. They are working on a book together to guide folks to peaks beyond the 14’ers in Colorado.

Gerry and Jennifer are interested in joining Club Members on an optional hike up Mauna Loa, and of course will participate in the Club hike up Mauna Kea. They have recently joined the Club, and while Gerry has over 20 state highpoints, Jennifer has a bit less.

This is the first time the Club has had a person with this diverse a background for the banquet presentation, and we’re
sure you’ll be well entertained.

Books by Gerry Roach


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