The Hays Daily News article on Mount Sunflower

“The Hays Daily News” published an article on the Mount Sunflower’s Owners and Managers.

On top of Mount Sunflower
Published on -2/12/2010, 10:53 AM  (Originally published Aug, 28, 2008, in The Hays Daily News)


Mount Sunflower KS

Mount Sunflower KS

The article notes:  Mount Sunflower is located entirely on private ground, land owned by Ed Harold’s sister, Rae Marie Jones, BigFork, Mont. Harold manages the quarter-section of ground that includes the high point, along with other ground he either has enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program or grazes cattle on.

While it is on private ground, Harold delights in making it accessible to visitors.

He speculates that at least two people a day stop in, making for 700 to 1,200 people a year visiting the hilltop.

The local Masonic Lodge and Shriners contributed to the site, as did the local chamber and PRIDE committee. Harold even took wire welder in hand to create a sunflower out of railroad spikes.

Because of his involvement with Mount Sunflower, Harold is an honorary member of the High Pointers club, a group dedicated to visiting the highest point in each state.

High Pointers often make a task of visiting the 50 highest points, often in a specific number of days.

“We occasionally get phone calls asking for permission and stuff,” he said. “So our answering machine says, ‘Sorry we can’t answer right now because we’re out climbing Mount Sunflower.’ “

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