Headlines for your Thursday

We’re on the backside of the week and headed for the weekend.  If you are still trying to settle into the office or get your day started, here are four good reads for your morning.

Ever cycled to the top of Mt. Washington?  Here’s a story of working through adversity to do just that.

A new documentary, “An American Ascent” is out for screening.  It looks to tell an amazing story and to open up the outdoors to new explorers.

Hiking with kids can be a tough thing to figure out.  Here’s four points of advice for parents wanting to bring their children along.  It mentions having a destination or a goal for the kids.  How about a highpoint marker?

Well, this is not a U.S. highpoint, but it might gain a lot of interest from many highpointers.  Apparently you can hike through snow tunnels on Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland.

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