Issue #93 of “Apex to Zenith” Second Quarter 2011

Apex to Zenith Issue 93Issue #93 of “Apex to Zenith” (Second Quarter 2011 – Summer) is out. The issue contains the supplement with member addresses, completer lists, club bylaws and other goodies. Included in the main publication are:

Cover – Aerial of Hi-Point School in Ohio; Timberline Lodge in Snow, Lake at Eagle Mountain, Mount Arvon sunrise
2 – Color photos of Robert Rasmussen, Carl Lohmann, Joe Whittington
3 – Joe Ceuvorst color photo, Arch Rivebank on Eor Rouge on Mobile Bay, Alabama which claims to be the highest coastline point between Maine and Mexico, Photo quiz of wood summit result submitted by Adam McFarren and solved by Penn Watson
4 – 50 completer Robert Ramussen and 48 completer Carl Lohmann
5-6 Joe Whittington’s 49.95 story
7 -Jerry Lee Cobleigh’s lanyard keyrings, extra Charles Mound date, David Power’s tips about the Mount Hood area
8-9 – Reprint of Tom Minahan’s profile of Campbell Hill originally published in #53 in 2001
10 – Roy Wallen’s County Highpointer (along with impressive map of Bob Schwab’s solid block of county highpoints in a clearly quadrant from Kansas to Maine
11 – Tim Webb’s president message, note from the editors noting that delivery date of the newsletter has increased from from 15 to 22 dsys from 2Q 2010 to 1Q 2011.
12 – New members
13 – Foundaton news
14 – Klimbin’ Kollaborator
15 – Dave Covill on Northeast convention
16 – Stan Goldberg on climbing Gannet
17 – Todd Brown’s article on the passing of his dog Birchhurst Asta Charles, a wire fox terrier
18-22 Ohio 2011 Convention
23-26 Mount Hood 2012 Convention
27 – Jose Hernandez guide to the highest point of the 50 provinces of Spain
28 – Adam Helman’s South America trip
29 – Highpointers Merc
30-33 – Highpointers – Who are We? Club demographics
34 – Merc
35 – Article on the Powers in South Carolina; Highpoint tree quiz
Back Cover – Eric Lichtenstein proposing in the snow to Ariel (and she said “yes”)

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2 Responses to Issue #93 of “Apex to Zenith” Second Quarter 2011

  1. Hal Graham says:

    Hey what gives on the highpointers presentation ? I have tried 3 times to contact Bill Deitzer using first the wrong address from A-Z the second and third times nothing at all. I am responding now from the Home page.
    I also e-mailed some one ( can’t remember who) who put an article praising the presentation in a past A-Z and no response.
    Today I clicked on Bills address from the highpointers site and was given the response that the page can not be found.
    I really would like to have a copy of the presentation. I have been asked by several civic organizations to give talks on Hiking and I thought this presentation would fill the bill.
    Can anyone help?

  2. bill deitzer says:

    Any club member desiring the Club Powerpoint Presentation please contact me at Bill

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