Issue #94 of “Apex to Zenith” Third Quarter 2011

apex94Issue #94 of “Apex to Zenith” Third Quarter 2011 is out!

Cover – Borah Peak, Idaho photos (hiking up the steep scree, climbing along Chicken Out Ridge, downclimbing the crux near the snowbridge – First use of the QR code
2 – Benefits of Club Membership; color photos of completers Steve Martin, Tim Wilt, Mike Bialos
3 – Color photo of 50 completer John Preston who said he climbed 100,469 feet and hiked 316 miles in the quest; 48 finisher Werner Haag, 48 finisher Bob McConnell, Mont McConnell and Read McConnell
4 – 50 completer stories by Mike Bialos and Steve Martin
5 – 50 completer story by Tim Wilt
6 – 49 completer story by Bob McConnell and Mont McConnell
7 – 49 completer story by Mat McConnell, 48 completer story by Werner Haag
8 – Stephanie Koski, Ranger the dog and Andy Ingle on “Highpoint may have saved our lives”
9 – Highpoint Updates – Terry Bird reporting on Doreen Kupchick coming out with the register on Delaware, Cindy and Dan Carr seeing a baby bear on Black Mountain, BSA Troop 313 of Des Peres helped clean the Taum Sauk summit; Linda and Bill Geary report on hiking Marcy after the fall flooding forced rerouting around Marcy Dam because of flooding
10 – County Highpoimnting gathering at South Tahoe
11 – Roy Wallen on county highpointer; Stephen Regenold reporting on the military banning five finger toe shoes
12 – President’s message
13 – New members and Mother Merc thanking the club for the Jakk Longacre Award
14 – Highpointers Foundation news
15 – Klimbin’ Kollaborator; America’s Quietest Places
16 – Peggy Wilkerson (Mother Merc’s daughter) “Highpointers’ Soliloquy”; Maine 2013 convention by Mick Dunn and Seve Urbanski (tentatively the third weekend in July)
17-28 – Oregon 2012 Convention
29 – Steve Gruhm list of “First Recorded Ascents of State Highpoints”
30 – Dave Covill on the more than 60 members from other countries including, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Mexico, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Phillipines, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland
31-32 – Have a Save Hike published by Mountaineering Ireland
33-34 – Highpointers Mercantile catalog
35 – Color photos including Kristen Kelliher became youngest female to complete 48 (17y, 4m, 3d); Natalia Smith (age 11 days 35 minutes) claiming youngest to visit highpoint (Mount Davis)
36-39 – Ohio Convention
40-41 – Milestone
42-43 – Color photos
Back cover – Nena and Bomber Brown love photo on Kings Peak; 50 state complters-318; 48 state completers-410; membership 3,073

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