Kentucky – Improvements planned for Black Mountain

Announcement on Facebook, 11-19-18, by Stony Burk

“The following is a portion of an announcement made in Benham, KY on Oct. 18th. for a $2.55 million Abandoned Mine Lands Pilot Grant to restore and enhance the Portal 31 Exhibition Mine and create a scenic overlook and parking area at Black Mountain.
The Black Mountain portion of the project will create a new parking area with a scenic overlook, which will lead to a new walking trail that will take visitors to the overlook at the summit of Black Mountain – the highest natural point in Kentucky. A proposed 40-foot high observation tower will provide a scenic view of Kentucky and Virginia.
Several Highpointers and the Highpointers Foundation have been working with the folks in Harlan and Cumberland Counties to assist with improvements. The county now owns the existing tower at the summit and the proposed new tower is still in the planning stages but this is great news not only for tourism in the area but highpointers as well.”

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  1. Andy Neisler says:

    I have been a member for a long time and was checking the website to see if there was any response to the mass resignations announced in the 2nd Quarter newsletter. I did not find much but did find some very disturbing posts in the general forum. Please check them out. Is anyone monitoring this website.

  2. Kathy Dalsaso says:

    Open forums can be used by non-highpointers to sell unrelated items and make unsuitable comments. Being an all-volunteer organization, we do not methodically monitor each page, post, or forum. Currently we cannot require these posts to be “admin approved” like we can do on Facebook. So we’ll need a new “plugin” to allow improved monitoring. In the meantime we’ll simply delete inappropriate posts (instead of closing the Forums).

  3. Leo says:

    Does anyone know when this project will be started and or completed?

  4. Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing the great news for Black Mountain improvement project plan.

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