National PTSD Awareness Campaign Officially Kicked-Off at Campbell Hill, Ohio…

Summit for Soldiers - Campbell Hill OHOn January 17th, in Bellefontaine, Ohio, “Summit For Soldiers” launched a Nationwide Awareness Campaign that will visit the highest points of all 50 States to bring attention to a silent killer known as “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

The goals are to inform and educate veterans, families and communities on the facts about PTSD and the resources/treatments available to them. To work with military units along with the public to reduce the stigma associated with PTSD, encourage a safe, non-threatening environment for soldiers to seek attention, to promote programs and resources that provide “simplified” access for ALL of veterans and most importantly to make certain that all this information is reaching those who need it most, the troops. 

This endeavor will revolve around reaching the highest elevation of each state, from Florida at 345′ to Mount McKinley at 20,320′.  Guest speakers of various veterans organizations, including patient advocacy representatives, met in the Auditorium at Hi-Point Career Center to learn more about PTSD.

Following the meeting they walked the short distance to the highest point in Ohio to raise their flag and kick-off this endeavor. Representatives from State and City Government were in attendance, and the event was open to the general public.

“Summit For Soldiers” is the project of “Mountain Goats, Inc” (a non-profit outdoor adventure organization.) The founders of this organization are avid climbers, mountaineers and veterans with over 30 years of combined military service.

For more information, please contact: Highpointer Mike Fairman (614)732-2397 and  visit the website at

A letter from Mike to explain it in a better fashion: “Basically here is a little background: the parent organization of “Summit for Soldiers” is a 501c3 called Mountain Goats, Inc.

“My climbing partner and I established The Mountain Goats about 6 years ago because we found that mountaineering/climbing replicated a lot of things we came to value in the military (adventure, excitement, camaraderie, team-work towards a common goal, etc…) It was very therapeutic to us, so our org eventually started utilizing these concepts to help others with various humanitarian opportunities around the world.”
A group of veterans who will be hiking/climbing the 50 highpoints to draw National attention to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We will be bring together the community, public officials, veterans organizations and the military to inform, clear up misconceptions and work towards ensuring the best programs/treatments are easily accessible to veterans and their families.

Since the majority of this endeavor involves things other than climbing, the actual highpoints may take some time to complete, but they will post their schedule of hikes and climbs as they come available on their website at

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