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Nominations for Highpointers Board of Directors Due Feb. 11

Nominations for the Highpointers Club Board of Directors will be accepted until February 11, 2004 (for publication in the next issue of the newsletter).

Any member in good standing may nominate another member in good standing. Nominees must meet the following qualifications:

1. Be a member in good standing (dues current)
2. Have access to email
3. Be able to attend at least 2 of 3 conventions during their term.
4. Consent to the nomination prior to submission

Nominations should include the nominee’s name, home address, phone number, e-mail address, and a brief statement as to the qualification of the candidate.

Nominees are allowed a 75-word statement to be included in the 1st Quarter 2005 (Issue #68) of the Newsletter.

Send nominations and statments to

Tim Web

PO Box 368
Double Springs, Alabama 35553

If you have quetions, phone the club at 303.278.1915