Issue 67 of “Apex to Zenith” Fourth Quarter 2004

2004 4th Quarter Apex to Zenith Newsletter Cover
The 2004 4th Quarter Newsletter came out the week of Christmas. Here’s an abstract of some of the articles:

p2. Note From Your Editors
Among the notes, Steve Tursi has agreed to write the Milestones column; and a technical note that the newsletter is going to the publisher in pdf format.

p3-5. 50 Completers
Chuck Bickes, Ed Morgan and Fred Pomeroy

p5-7 48 Completers
Dick Bowers (after revisiting Connecticut), Sjaak Vanschiel (first foreign 48 finisher)

p8 Highpointers Foundation by Dave Covill as a Treasurer Report by Dave

p9 Volunteer Opportunities by Diane Winger; Don Holmes President’s Message, Charlie WInger State HP Liaisons

p10 Roger Rowlett Chairman Message, Nominations for Board of Directors

p11 Craig Noland’s Membership Column

p12 Klimbin’ Kollaborator (including an appeal by Jean Trousdale to take Jakk Longacre’s ashes to Mount Everest, Aconcagua and Carstenz Pyramid and an appeal by John Mitchler for 50 completers to inform him of home state, profession during highpointing and age at completion

p13-15 Highpoint Updates
Among the notes suggestions for climbing Boundary and Steve Tursi noting Woodall is cleaner and Mario Locatelli giving help on Gannett Peak.

p16 Tri-State Points
Josh Spooner on tripointing.

p17 History of Mount Magazine; Report on the Obituary of Don Hilleband and Pete Schoening (50 completer most famous for “the belay” rescue on K2 in 1953); Covers of 4 Backpacker Magazine articles about Highpointing

Will Mokszycki report on Washington 2004 Convention

p21 Highpoint Handstand photos

p22-24 New Hampshire Convention 2005 Application and Background

p25 Daryle and Mary Dennis purchase of White Butte; K. Kyle Atkins column on Leave No Trace

p26-27 World Highpointing (Mount Scenery on Saba, Bob Anderson on Sweden and El Picacho de Diablo (highpoint of Baja California) by Dee Parks

p28 Gerry Roach first “Park Pointing” column

p29 Rick Hartman this and that column #8 for S.afty O.n S.ummits

p30 Fred Lobdell County Highpointer Column and Andy Martin Introduction to Nevada Counties

p31 Jerry Brekhus list of highest paved roads in U.S.

p32 Nuggets in the Scree about interest sidetrips in Rhode Island, Arkansas, Georgia, West Virginia and Ohio

p33 Correspondence (largest wasps in the U.S. on Guadalupe, Miriam Richard reporting on 48 completion, Daniel Fleischmann on, GPS variations in Canada, Rowland Stebbins letter about her father the first 48 completer A.H. Marshall

p34 americasroof forum thread on misnamed highpoints

p35 Northeast prominence map of New England showing peaks with 2,000 feet of prominence (list compiled by Roy Schweiker, Edward Earl, Andy Martin and Ron Tagliapietra)

p36 Maptech Terrain Navigator 50/50, Timothy Silver book on Mount Mitchell

p37 Steve Tursi column on Milestone

p38-39 Color photos of Milestones

p40-41 Books

p42-43 Merc Item (including new coffee mugs and calendars)

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