Oklahoman Interview of Larry Floyd on “Oklahoma Hiking Trails”

The Oklahoman has an interview with Oklahoma City attorney, and Highpointer Larry Floyd, a photographer and writer from Yukon about their book on hiking Oklahoma trails.

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  1. Hello all. I no longer live in Arkansas, so I can’t assist with any liaison duties there, but I relocated to Guymon in Oklahoma’s Panhandle and am not too distant from Black Mesa. I may consider gaining contacts within the Nature Conservancy if there is no Oklahoma liaison active. I have a friend in Iowa who has a few significant contacts in the Conservancy who might keep me posted with any events that could affect access to Black Mesa, in the same spirit as with the US Forest Service and Arkansas State Parks years ago. You’re encouraged to contact me if I can be of service in this regard in the future.

    Things have changed around Kenton. The Merc is closed down and has been put up for sale:
    This also means the gas pumps are no more. The nearest fuel is either Clayton or Boise City to my knowledge. If you visit, come prepared! At least the cell phone service has improved with a new tower across the street from The Merc. The population remains very small, maybe two dozen. The serious drought last year caused many undue hardship, but the area has a way of rebounding. If you’re looking for a really peaceful area with stunning desert scenery, no other place in Oklahoma can compare.

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