Photos of the Tornado That Hit High Point During the NJ09 Convention

The New Jersey 2009 Convention had the worst weather of any convention including an F2 tornado that hit the grounds of the high point! Yet it broke at all the right times. Below is an email that went out from co-host Roger Rowlett to all convention goers.
Steve and I want to thank everybody who came to the New Jersey 09 convention.

We remain amazed at what a great group we have and proactive everybody is stepping up without being asked or prodded to help.

We’re still processing the photos and hope have a DVD out soon (much of it was shot in HDTV 1080i glory). We’ll let you know more about that later.

In any event, we got so carried away with the events and planning that we didn’t pay much attention to the news.

You might be interested in the coverage of freak tornado that went across High Point State Park on Wednesday, July 29 about 2:40 PM during the events at the Urbanski Farms. The tornado tracked over the High Point.

I guess we really were lucky in threading the worst weather in convention history.

Here’s a photo from the intersection of Route 23 and 519 just east of the state park.


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Here’s some articles:

P.S. If you wrote me at in the past week, I probably didn’t get the email. The Denial of Service attacks which caused me to shutter were stepped up in the past week to even attacking my email. If you want to contact me, write me at the gmail address.

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