“Record” Snowfall on Mt. Mitchell Revised

A view of Mt. Mitchell from an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

In January of 2016, Mt. Mitchell received a reported 41 inches of snowfall in a 24 hour period from 7am January 22nd to the same time on January 23rd. 

However, that report was ruled incorrect by a state weather committee, who met for the first time in more than a decade.

The committee took a look at a variety of factors before lowering the recognized snowfall amount on North Carolina’s highest point.

No matter the current record, the story does go a long way to showing how easy it is for the areas in the Blue Ridge, especially Mt. Mitchell to receive quite a bit of snow in a short period.   Any of our readers hiked the highest point east of the Mississippi in the snow?


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One Response to “Record” Snowfall on Mt. Mitchell Revised

  1. Patrick Craft says:

    A few years ago I snowshoed to Deep Gap via Colbert Ridge. I considered continuing south but didn’t feel like slogging 2 or more miles through a ton of snow.

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