Straw Poll for Western State to Host 2012 Highpointers Convention

Highpointers Club RegionsThose attending the Highpointers convention over Columbus Day weekend in Mississippi will select the site of the 2012 convention which will be in the western region (the hosts rotate – this year is south, next year is midwest, 2012 will be west and 2013 will be northeast). This is only a straw poll.

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4 Responses to Straw Poll for Western State to Host 2012 Highpointers Convention

  1. Jean Trousdale says:

    Question: Do we have people who have volounteered to host the convention in any of these states?

  2. Tom Karchesy says:

    Jean, your old friend and highpointer member Doug Thompson, who runs the Whitney Portal Store, is prepared to co-host a bid for CA2012. Preperations have been going on for a few years now. Lone Pine is the place to be in 2012.


  3. Tom O'Shields says:

    Where have previous conventions been held in the west?

  4. Tom O'Shields says:

    Never mind. Just found the list.

    Shouldn’t the convention be held in a state that’s never had one before?

    How about Wyoming. I’m sure the climber friendly towns of Pinedale or Lander would love to have all the HighPointers for a weekend. Lander has lots of hotel space as well as numerous campgrounds.

    This could also be a great time for many members to get a crack at Gannet Peak that may otherwise not get that chance.

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