2016 Access Dates for Illinois

Trip to Charles Mound 005
Charles Mound is private property with the owners house near the summit. In its history has been closed to the public and there has been a fee.

The owners have given us permission to visit the summit during daylight hours the first Saturday/Sunday weekends of June, July, August and September. There is no charge.

You cannot visit other times.

2016 dates are:
*Feb 13-14
*Jun 4 5
*Jul 2 3
*Aug 6 7
*Sep 3 4

The Wuebbels have the following three rules:
2. NO PETS!! We repeat…. Please NO PETS!

You are welcome to visit our property on any of these four weekends. You go north out of Scales Mound (circle around the tracks) until you get to Charles Mound Road. Take a right (east). That road will wind around for a mile and one half until you get to our property. If you have a GPS system, set it to go to 688 West Charles Mound Road, Scales Mound, Illinois.

Our lane is not marked. There is no permanent sign that says “this is Charles Mound” or “Wuebbels residence”. There is a blue highway sign that says “688”. We do try to put up a temporary sign for the weekends, but sometimes people take it. The gate will probably be locked, but a person can fit through. You can park anywhere down by the gate. (There might be cattle or horses on the lane – there might be a second closed gate. Please be sure that you close any gates you might open.)

It is about a mile and a quarter walk from the main road to the summit. Once you find our property, you should have no problem finding the summit. The high-point is clearly marked. It is a lovely walk on a nice day.

So many of you bring us gifts and, while we certainly appreciate it – it is not necessary. However, if you do feel so inclined, we have started a collection of state mugs brought to us by hi-pointers. We are hoping to eventually get all 50 states. We got one from Afghanistan this year! So, if you want to bring a gift, bring a mug! (If you bring one, drop a business card or something with your name and address in it, so we know who it is from. )

Have a safe trip!
Jean and Wayne Wuebbels

Here is the Wuebbels newsletter we received in 2012.

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