New Address for Black Mountain, Kentucky Waiver

UPDATE MAY 3, 2010 Penn Virginia has moved to a new location and changed its legal name. Please send the release to the new Penn Virginia. If you are sending to any other address than the one a 7 Sheridan Square, you sending it to the wrong address.

The summit of Black Mountain is private property and is surrounded coal mines.  Due to this, your visit requires a waiver.  You can now get it by downloading the file.

The Penn Valley Coal Company owns the summit and in an agreement since 1999 has permitted Highpointers to access the summit only if they sign a liability waiver.


Please return it to:
Penn Virginia Resource Partners, L.P
Attn: Steve Looney
7 Sheridan Sq, Suite 400
Kingsport, TN 37660-7451

If for some reason you cannot return it in time, please make sure you have it with you!!!

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4 Responses to New Address for Black Mountain, Kentucky Waiver

  1. margaret a. sova says:

    Does each individual need a waiver to hike Black Mountain or can we do only one (1) waiver for our group of four (4)? Thank you.

  2. John MacGregor says:

    I am a biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. This coming weekend (Sept 14-15) I would like to bring an advanced biology class from Morehead State University (Morehead, KY) to the summit of Black Mountain to set small live traps for mice and shrews in the woods near the old fire tower, and use mist nets to catch bats as they fly along the ATV corridors after dark. The group would include 2 professional biologists, 1 professor, and 12-15 biology students. We would take down the nets around midnight and pick up the live traps the next day. All bats and small mammals would be released unharmed. Is it OK to go ahead with this activity? I have done this here before in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.
    Thanks – John MacGregor

  3. Holly says:

    We think we left our camera on the highest point earlier today. How do we contact someone to get it and perhaps send it to us? Friday, april 14.

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