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Ben Jones Completes 50 in 50 Days and 48 in 29 Days

Ben Jones 50 States in 50 DaysDennis Jones writes to say his son Ben completed 48 states in 29 days and 50 in 50 days.

Be sure to read his comments at the bottom.

The Highpointers Club does not officially recognize records as we can not independently verify them and we do not want to encourage dangerous behavior. We are passing this along as FYI. Dennis has written that Ben has digital photographs from each summit to verify his claims.

Below is the original article about his plans.

The HeraldNet report Ben Jones of Lynwood, Washington, is seeking to climb 50 state summits in a record breaking 66 days.

Ben, 20, started in mid-June on McKinley and hopes to complete at the end of July on Mauna Kea.

Ben got the idea from his father Dennis Jones who wanted to complete all 50 this year on the year he turned 50.

“I’m spending the majority of my time sitting in a car, driving,” said Jones, a soon-to-be junior at Biola University in La Mirada, Calif. In fact, his biggest fear is probably not injury, but car trouble.

Update 8/12/05
A photo gallery is now available.