Rick & Alistair Sponsel Do 8 Northeast Peaks in 20 Hours 34 Minutes

Rick & Alistair Sponsel 8 Highpoints in Under 21 HoursRick and son Alistair Sponsel write to say they completed 8 Northeast peaks in 20 hours and 34 minutes on July 2nd and 3rd.

The previous record for the peaks is 21 hours and 9 minutes set 11 years ago by Jeff Rand, Dave Byers, Jeff Hinton and Roger Horn.

While the Highpointers Club does not officially recognize any records as we can not verify them (and we do not want to encourage dangerous or reckless behavior), the backup was incredibly precise in this age of digital cameras.

Extracting the Exif time information from the pictures submitted we see this chronology:

WV 2005:07:02 19:45:19
MD 2005:07:02 22:51:51
PA 2005:07:03 00:29:42
DE 2005:07:03 04:47:53
NJ 2005:07:03 07:48:52
CT 2005:07:03 10:43:52
MA 2005:07:03 13:02:48
RI 2005:07:03 16:34:24

Of course the photo data is off a little from the actual visit. Rick says they also have waypoint data too.

Here’s a gallery of the shots.

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