“Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up!” Challange…

The Challenge…

The American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) has two up-coming events they want to challenge Highpointers to be a part of.  The first of afcathese challenges is Climb Up the 50.  In this event, AFCA attempts to get at least 50 climbers on the highest peak in each of their states.  Depending on the state, this can be a huge undertaking for some while for others it may be just a short day hike or drive-up. 

Climb Up the 50is centered around projected dates when a team can summit Denali (highest peak in Alaska), which means climbers and hikers and summit their peak on any day between July 3rd and the 12th.

– The second event is Climb Up the World.  This event encourages people of all ages and skill levels to set goals:  physical, mental, and monetary, and to work at achieving these goals on either September 19th or 20th.  Participants can commit to walking, running, climbing, or cycling in the woods, mountains, parks, city streets, or even climb stairs – anywhere they are in the world.

– These events are very similar to walk-a-thon’s/marathon’s, where individuals (or teams) raise money for an organization, but AFCA’s events are not tied to a specific location or medium.  

– The cost to register for each event is $25 and then it is up to you to set and strive to achieve your fundraising goals.  

– They have set a minimum goal of $90 for individuals (representing three months of life-saving medicine for children with AIDS).  From there on, the sky is the limit! 

– Teams have a goal of $5,000. 

All Donations are tax deductible and can be made online or via checks (be sure to include your name in memo line).  Visit www.climbupsokidscangrowup.com or www.helpchildrenwithaids.org for more information on AFCA, events, and event registration.

– Donations received go directly to support the children who are fighting to stay alive and achieve their goals in life.  Your donations provide medicine so that they can survive and be the next generation to change the world. 

Please register to participate in one of these events!  They’re challenge to you is to pass this information on to 10 other family members and friends via facebook and other social spaces/blogs, challenging them to participate and to tell another 10 people about the events. 

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