Hawkeye Point: Request to Visit in Daylight and Note About New Campground Fees

Hawkeye Point Marker
David Covill got this note from Osceola County Economic Development Executive Director Kirk Grau requesting that visits to the highpoint be done in daylight hours since the house is rented and also noting that the new campground by the highpoint has opened and there is a fee for staying there.

The Iowa highest point is open actually 24 hours per day. However, since the house is rented that is nearby, it might be best if the visit is done during daylight hours instead of in the evening in the dark. The area has free parking both near the site and to the south on the camping area. The camping area does have rental fees which are clearly laid out on signage at the campground. There are no admission fees but if the visitor wants to leave a goodwill contribution or buy a key chain they can leave money in the designated box for the same. We welcome this highpointer and other visitors to our county. There are other things that might be of interest to visit and highlighted on the kiosk. Dave it is good to hear from you and feel free to ask for any other info that you might want in order to assist your highpointers in their pursuit of visiting highpoints across the nation. Kirk

Per SummitPost the per night fee at the new campground is $15/night.

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