Rhode Island Celebrates Acquisition of Jerimoth Hill on October 22

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, Brown University  Dean David Targan and Highpointer Coordinator Stony Brook at formal transfer of Jerimoth Hill to Rhode Island on October 22, 2014

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln D. Chafee attended Wednesday, October 22, 2014, formal transfer of Jerimoth Hill from Brown University to the state who was represented by Dean David Targan. Highpointer Club liaison Stony Burk who has been active in facilitating this transfer since 1999 when it was surrounded by private property was on hand and gave a speech. state acquisition of Jerimoth Hill from Brown University.

*You, too, can make it to the top in R.I.: Jerimoth Hill access to open – Providence Journal October 20, 2014
*The Highest Point For State Land Acquisition RI NPR (with audio) October 22, 2014

Invitation to event:
Invitation to Dedication of Jerimoth Hill

Text of invitation:

Governor Lincoln D. Chafee

Cordially invites you to the deed signing and transfer of Rhode Island’s high point,

Jerimoth Hill, to state-owned public space



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Route 101, Foster

9 a.m.

Governor Chafee and Janet Coit, Director of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental

Management, will be joined by state, local and Brown University officials, as well as members

of the Jerimoth Hill’s Highpointers Club, other environmental groups and interested parties to

celebrate the transfer of the 4.61-acre, 812 feet high property to the State of Rhode Island. As

Rhode Island’s U.S. Senator and Governor, Governor Chafee took an active role in ensuring

Rhode Island’s high point becomes a natural open space to be enjoyed by Rhode Islanders and

visitors. The location for decades has been used by Brown University’s astronomy students and

faculty to gaze at the stars away from the glare of city lights.

For more information, contact Ryan Crowley,401-222-8112,ryan.crowley@governor.ri.gov.; or

Gail Mastrati, 401- 222-2771, ext. 2402, or email gail.mastrati@DEM.RI.GOV

Directions from Providence: Take Route 10 South, to Route 6 West, take Route 295 North/

Route 6 West exit, towards Hartford, CT., immediately take Exit 6C off of Route 295 North,

following signs for Route 6 West (Hartford, CT), turn right onto Route 6 West, stay on Route 6

West for about 5 miles, bear right onto Route 101 West (Hartford Pike), travel about 8.8 miles,

Jerimoth Hill entrance is on your left.

Here’s a note from Dave Covill, Highpointers Foundation leader:

15 years in the making, since the day in 1999 I called Henry & Ed and got yelled at for an hour. Guess it was all worth it.

I know there were other Open Access Date Hosts involved, but I have lost the contact info. Perhaps Stony or John have info. Missing:

Randy Given
Bill Stempek
Bob Newson
Garvin Louie
Sue McKenna
Steve Urbanski

Other Open Access Date Hosts I can recall:

Ray Covill
Chuck Bickes
Stony Burk
Chris Butler
Peter Anderson

A total of 2,591 people showed up at 34 Open Access Dates between September 1999 and September 2005. Amazing! The situation was featured in the press by many newspaper articles, TV, radio even.

Six years of these dates brought us to the magic day when Jeff & Debbie Mosley bought the house from Ed Bouchard. Henry Richardson had long since passed away. Their generosity astonished us, and we were sad to see them leave but the state did manage to buy their property. One step closer.

Kudos should go out to neighbors John & JoAnn Gosselin and Jim Duffy, who helped out over the years with encouragement and access across their land. Also to Brown U employees Dave Targan and Bob Horton, who did their best to allow highpointers to access the clearing from their end, and to RI state employees Lisa Primiano for never giving up, and Governor/Senator Lincoln Chaffee, who understood the importance of the project and was there from the beginning.

We now have public access ensured for our grandchildren and beyond. Who would have thought it would come to this? And, if they did, who would have thought it would take 15 years? Patience wins in the end.

Stony, we are all grateful for your effort. Jakk would be proud of you.

Wherever you are, Ed Bouchard; thank you for reaching a compromise with us that fateful February day in 1999.

R.I.P., Henry Richardson.

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