Issue #68 of “Apex to Zenith” First Quarter 2005

Apex to Zenith 1st Quarter 2005 NewsletterThe Spring 2005 (Issue #68) of Highpointers Apex to Zenith is of course spectacular as usual. There is sad news with the passing of the dead of highpointing Paul Zumwalt and Iowa highpointer owner Merrill Sterler. But there’s also great news about the South Carolina purchase of the Sassafras summit.

And there’s some unusual news including the for sale signs on the Rhode Island summit; Kevin Foster’s new movie; and a report of driving 69,224 miles for 41 highpoints.

As usual there’s a lot more detail in the newsletter. For $15/year it’s the best deal around. In the interests of catching the search engines. Here’s a summary of newsletter items. It is by no means complete.

Cover – Paul Zumwalt and Merrill Sterler Photos
2 – Note from Editors (including note about changing paper stock)
3 – Charles R. (Dick) Bowers Completing Fifty in Hawaii
4 – Seve Mussack’s 50 completion
5 – Frank Buffum on 50 completion
6 – Dave Covill column on Highpointers Foundation [rp[psa;
7 – Diane Winger on Volunteer Opportunities (Internet Research, Club Archives, Cleaning Highpoints
7 – Don Holmes President’s Message About Election
8 – Roger Rowlett Chairman’s Column on the passing of Merrill Sterler and Paul Zumwalt and the purchase of South Carolina
9 – Craig Noland’s New member list
10 – Candidates for the five positions on the Board (Ken Akerman, Peter Anderson, Tonya (Sykes) Hancock, Nikki Hemphill, Fred Lobdell, Will Mokszycki, Craig Noland, Jim Sutton, Roy Wallen, Penn Watson)
11 – Jean Trousdale column on “Jack’s Final Wish” with his latest locations (Jim and Elaine MacKay took him to Mt. Hooiberg highpoint of Aruba; Charlie and Diane Winger took him to Cerro de Punta highpoint of Puerto Rico)
11 – James and Rosemary Stuttle on the “mini highpoint reunion of 10 highpointers” at Paul Zumwalt’s funeral and urging members to pay $50 (one for each highpoint) to the Good Guys Fund
12 – Kevin Foster who took a mountain bike up 49 states (and up to 17,200 feet on Denali) on selling his book “Cycling Castro’s Country” and the production of his fist movie “Yesterday’s Dream.” The IMDB database shows:

This story centers around Harvey, a kind, middle-aged man in a small town struggling with loneliness and an abusive, alcoholic father. Despite his routine day-to-day life as a septic cleaner and church volunteer, Harvey meets Vienna, the shy new librarian in town, who helps Harvey maintain hope and overcome his hardships. The script was written by newcomer, Kevin Foster, who stars as Harvey. Other cast members include William Windom, Barry Corbin, Christie Lynn Smith, Richard Tyson and Dee Wallace Stone.

13 – Highpoint Updates – including progress on the new lodge on Mount Magazine, a huge housing development by Ebright Azimuth, the first weekend restrictions on Charles Mound, the requirement for signing a waiver for Kentucky, access dates on Rhode Island
14 – Davd Powers on the December 23, 2004, purchase of Sassafras Mountain by the state from Duke Power
15 – Several Klimbin’ Kollaborator requests for partners including those at the convention, Denali partners and Mario Locatelli looking to raise money to become the oldest to summit Everest which he hopes to do in 2006
16-19 New Hampshire 2005 Convention Coverage
20 – Tributes to Paul Zumwalt
21 – Tributes to Merrill Sterler
22 – Gerry Roach on National Park Highpointing (specifically Music Mountain at Hot Springs) Adam Helman has a map
23 – Rick Hartman Safety on Summits column about Tsunamis
24 – Fred Lobdell County Highpointer Column and Dave Olson Colorado County Highpointing
25 – Ron Tagliapietra on South Carolina County Highpointing
25 – Jean Trousdale on plans for a 2006 Highpoint Calendar
26 – Roger Rowlett column on the Highpointers Blog
27 – Ed Bouchard’s home on Rhode Island is on the market for $469,000
27 – Stony Burke has taken over the preparation of the completion plaques
28 – Steve Tursi Column on Milestones including a report on mileage driven while highpointing — Joseph Whelen drove 69,224 miles in 1995 in 197 days to get 41 highpoints.
29-30 – Color summit photos
31 – Highpointers Merc items
32 – Back cover Dr. Bob and Cheryl smooching on Mount Mansfield

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