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President’s Message on 2004-05 Election and Service Award Nominations

Members of the Highpointers Club,

It seems that at this time of year, I have the same message. In this issue of the Newsletter, you will receive a ballot for election of five members to serve on the Highpointers Club Board of Directors. Remember, the Board members you elect this year will serve for three years. During that time, they will comprise one-third of the Board which sets the policies of the Highpointers Club. Voting is simple, it just takes a little time. Read the candidate’s statements and vote for whom you believe to be best qualified. I urge all of you to exercise your right to vote. It is your Club and voting is a way for all of you to participate in what makes the Club great.

Another issue of great importance to the Highpointers Club is nomination of candidates for the Club awards. Although the awards will not be presented until the Convention in September, it is not too early to begin thinking of deserving candidates. The awards are the Vin Hoeman Award, the Frank Ashley Award, and the Jack Longacre Award (formally the Highpointer Summa Cum Laude Award). The Frank Ashley Award is given in recognition of significant volunteer service to the Highpointers Club during the past year. The Vin Hoeman Award is given in recognition of distinguished overall service to the Highpointers Club. The Jack Longacre Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on an individual by the Highpointers Club. It is given in recognition of individuals who have provided sustained exceptional service to the Highpointers Club. It is anticipated that this award will rarely be awarded. The nomination procedure is simple. The qualifications one must have to be eligible for these awards are given in Section 8 of the Club Bylaws. The Bylaws are published in the Club Directory. Nominations for the Frank Ashley Award should be sent to Don Holmes, Awards Chairman, at Nominations of members deserving the Vin Hoeman Award should be sent to Jack Parsell, Awards Committee Member, at Nominations for the Jack Longacre Award should be sent to Roger Rowlett, Chairman of the Board of Directors, at Please keep your nominations secret and send them only to the person designated. Nominations should be received no later than Friday, August 5, 2005, so the Board may vote on the nominees and so there is time to acquire the awards.

One last note. Consider attending the Highpointers Convention in New Hampshire in September. I know you will have a great time meeting new and old friends.

Good luck in your quest for highpoints.


Don Holmes
President, Highpointers Club