Issue #73 of “Apex to Zenith” Second Quarter 2006

Highlights of the Second Quarter (Summer) 2006 Issue #73 of the Highpointers Apex to Zenith:

Cover – Picture of new lodge on Magazine Mountain, picture of John Mueller on Karstens Ridge on Denali, North Carolina Convention T-shirts
2-5 50 completers: Richard Crow, Ed Griffin, Greg Higgins, Helmut Linzbichler (from Austria – first European completer), John Mueller (completing 50 twice)
6-7 Sassafras, Britton Hill, Marcy and Mount Magazine photos
8 – Mark James Mullins article about the new lodge on Mount Magazine
9 – David W. Powers on litter on Sassafras Mountain
10-11 – Lanny Waxler on highpointing in Europe (and scattering Jack Longacre ashes)
12 – Tim Webb President’s Message, Kevin Baker Treasurer Report
13 – Craig Noland on new members
14 – Chairman Rowlett on election of board members (Nikki Hemphill, Stony Burk, Lillian Elliott, Will Mokszycki, Steve Urbanski, Tim Webb) and officers (Chairman Roger Rowlett, President Tim Webb, Secretary John Mitchler and Treasurer Kevin Baker)
15 – Rick Hartman S.afety O.n S.ummits column about encounters with animals
16 – Dave Covill on Highpointers Foundation with members Paul Pontiff, Tonya Stykes Hancock, Roy Wallen, Jean Trousdale and Karen O’Brien
17-21 Highpointers 2006 Convention in North Carolina
22 – Rich Allen profile of Greg Weiler and Jean Newcomer
23 – Bob Whitney on Tri-state points
24 – Frampton Simons on the highpointing with 91-year-old Frampton Ellis
25 – Dave Covill on Highpointing Conventions
26 – Black Cat Bed and Breakfast at Twin Lakes, Colorado
27 – Gerry Roach on National Park Highpoint trips to Shenandoan and Congaree
28 – Fred Lobdell County Highpointing; Ron Tagliapietra and Peter Barr on Highpointing in North Carolina
29 – Steve Tursi on Milestone
30-31 – Color snaps froms summits
32 – First day covers; update on Jakk Longacre scattering (David Lien took him to 25,000 feet on Everest but turned away — two of his teammates pressed on and perished)
33-34 – Club goodies for sale
35 – Color handstands on summits
Back Cover – Chuck and Janice Bickes tying the knot highpoint style.

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