Issue #72 of “Apex to Zenith” First Quarter 2006

Our newsletter always amazes for the size of our club. And for $20/year! Anyway, here’s a summary of the newsletter so the search engines catch it.

Cover – Winter photo of High Point State Park; Denali Pass photo
2 – Note from John Mitchler and Dave Covill and about highpointing the rainy Kaui highpoint with Bob Packard and Don Nelson
3 – Dennis Crispo 48 completion
4 – Dave Kanners 48 completion
5 – Book “One Day, One Goal, One Energy” about about IDS and American Express employees, ham operators, Eagle Scouts trying to climb all the highpoints on June 29, 1994
5 – Ron and Diane Farb about their 50-50-1 attempt to climb all highpoints on June 24, 2006
6 – Rick Hartman S.afety O.n S.ummits column about safety in motels
7 – Mount Magazine Arkansas Lodge opening on May 18, 2006.
7 – Scott Surgent and Oliver Kozlowski on the “missing” Delaware highpoint with Scott’s website having a picture:
Doreen Kupchick is also keeping us updated on the issue.
8 – Barb Gurtler on ascending Carstenz Pyramid with Jack Longacre’s ashes
9 – William “Rock” Sponsel and John “Topper” Sponsel on brotherly highpointing
10 – 50-50-1 contact
10 – Highpointers Foundation update by Dave Covill noting Paul Pontiff is forming the Mission Statement and that Roy Wallen, Tonya Sykes and Karen O’Brien are among the volunteers
11 – Our regional highpoint liason coordantors – Robert Hyman for northeast, Stony Burk for southeast, Diane Winger for midwest and Rick Hartman for west
11 – Don Holmes presidential message on nominations for Vin Hoeman, Jack Longacre and Frank Ashley Awards
12 – Membership update by Craig Noland
13 – Roger Rowlett Chairman Column on the Taum Sauk dam disaster
13 – Diane Winger on volunteer opportunities for internet research, club photo archives, clean up highpoints, guide and outfitter coordinator
14 – Nominations for board – Stony Burke, Lillian Elliott, Tom Karchesy, Will Mokszycki, Steve Urbanski, Tim Webb
15-16 – Peter Thompson on Highpoint Geology in the Appalachians. Peter’s website
17 – Ton Kitslaar on highpointing lowest to highest
18-21 – Highpointers 2006 Convention
22 – Interview with Speaker Stuart Smith
23 – Ron Tagliapietra column on climbing North Carolina and things to do in Asheville
24 – Rich Allen biography of Jane Gibbons
25 – Milestones
26-27 – Color photos
28-29 – Fred Lobdell county highpointer column (including links to Kaui climbing info at
30-31 – Gerry Roach on national park highpointing in Dry Tortugas and Kings Canyon
32 – Miriam Richards book on “High Point of Persistance: The Miriam Richards Story”
34-35 – Highpointer Books
36 – Backpage

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