Mount Arvon, Michigan Update…

Club Liasions Director Stony Burk informs us that “The logging has been completed at and around Mount Arvon at the Michigan highpoint. The road and Mt. Arvon MIberm were restored to original condition. A bit of a path was created to provide an outlook from the summit.”  (Photo by Tracey Barrett)

According to Tracey Barrett at Baraga County Convention & Visitors Bureau, “The trees this year were remarkable and we were busy because of it.”

You may remember Tracey as one of the three 2008Paul Zumwalt Award” winners awarded for her efforts in perserving their State Highpoint.

Of the Many attractions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, perhaps no region enjoys as many as Baraga County and its immediate environs.  This is a county rich in natural beauty enhanced by the change of seasons that provide something for everyone.

The focal point of the region is spectacular Lake Superior, a major reason for the migration of people to this area seeking the ideal retirement site or vacation hideaway. One never tires of looking at or being near the “shining big-sea water.” In addition to Lake Superior, dozens of smaller lakes provide opportunity for boating, fishing, swimming or time spent near the water.

For more information please feel free to contact:

Baraga County Convention & Visitors Bureau
755 East Broad Street
L’Anse, Michigan 49946

Phone: 1-800-743-4908 or (906) 524-7444
Fax: (906) 524-7454

Business Hours:  Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm


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