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GEICO Direct Magazine Fall 2008There is a wonderful four page color layout about Highpointing in the “Fall 2008” issue of GEICO direct magazine. This issue comes in four regional variations which offer four different covers and two slightly different articles.

The article contains well orchestrated takes on highpointing and offers a mix-match of many links to several organizations, blogs, websites, while providing many tidbits of advice, information and references for additional information as well.

Many Highpointers are quoted in this article about their thoughts on highpointing and about particular Highpoints.GEICO directFall 2008

Page 1 and 3 mentions highpointing while pages 9 through 12 contain the articles. Versions A and B relate to highpointing in Washington, New York, New Mexico and North Carolina, while versions C and D relate to highpointing in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and North Carolina.

GEICO direct Fall 2008

All of these covers are clickable and will take you to a viewer for those particular issues.  Simply click on the cover, then page through the magazine using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.  Don’t worry, it’s so easy even a Highpointer can do it.

The writer is none other than fellow Highpointer Donna Ikenberry.  Donna, along with Husband Mike Vining, live in South Fork, Colorado and both have been avid Club members since 1999. Thank you Donna for creating this!  For more information on Donna go to her website at: www.donnaikenberry.com.
GEICO direct Fall 2008

The information above was provided by KL Publishing and GEICO Direct.  Thanks for the great work!!!

Remember, It’s our members that make our Club so great.  Please pass along items that you are involved with and please include as much information that you can, along with photo’s.  We appreciate your input.
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