Friday Night Social/Overflow Hotel/Trips Elsewhere and Other Last Minute Posts About NJ09 Convention

Here’s some last minute post about New Jersey 2009 convention September 30-August 1, 2009
*Hippie Happy Hour at Friday Night Social
*Overfflow Hotel at Tom Quick Inn
*Highpointers Going to Monadnock on Sunday, Aug. 2

Hippie Happy Hour
Convention co-host Steve Urbanski passes this along:

NJ09 is pleased to announce that the Friday (July 31) Night Social has been transformed into the Hippie Happy Hour. In recognition of the 40th Anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival, highpointers are encouraged to dress as “your favorite hippie.”

The Hippie Happy Hour will be held on the Give Peace a Chance Patio at Hunt’s Landing from 6pm to 8pm on Friday, July 31, 2009. Your hosts, Rayon Roger and Stardust Steve will be reliving their early childhood memories in full hippie attire.

Roger says, “It’ll be really heavy, man.” Steve added, “Far out!”

Prizes will be awarded for the grooviest costumes

Be there or be square.

Overflow Inn at Tom Quick Inn
Steve Urbanski passes this along:

If you still haven’t booked your hotel for NJ09, we are sorry to say that the Best Western is full, but the historic Tom Quick Inn in Milford has agreed to honor the same rates as the Best Western for NJ09. The Tom Quick has just reopened under new management, and has undergone extensive rennovations. It is located less than five miles from the Best Western

Reservations can be made by calling 570.409.1000 and asking for the highpointers’ rate.

Monadnock State Park on Sunday, Aug. 2
Agnes Sebille reports that she has a resevation at Monadnock State Park in New Hampshire on Sunday, August 2 with 6 tent sites. She invited highpointers to join her. If you would like to extend beyond that date call 1-877-647-2757

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