Welcome to the NJ09 Convention from Governor Corzine

Jon Corzine Welcome to Highpointers at NJ09
New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine welcome the Highpointers to High Point for the NJ 09 Convention. Below is his letter.

State of New Jersey
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625
(609) 292-6000

Jon S. Corzine

August 1, 2009

Dear Friends:
I am very pleased to welcome the Highpointers Club to New Jersey for your 2009 Convention. On behalf of all the residents of our state, I can say with the greatest confidence that in High Point State Park you have not only chosen a most fitting namesake, but one of the most terrific venues in the country for your gathering. This treasured attraction offers the unique opportunity to view and expanse of three states at one time. The vast farmlands, scenic forests, and lush foliage create a striking landscape that exemplifies the beauty and the challenges that Highpointers seek out.

By conquering the altitude of our nation’s most elevated destinations, the Highpointers Club continues to help support and ensure the protection and conservation of some of the most beautiful vantage points in America. As Club members work to preserve access to America’s highest points, you guarantee that others will be able to enjoy the splendor of our country’ s magnificent and awe-inspiring geography.

I join with all your members and supporters in saluting your sense of adventure and admiration of country. I know that your visit here will be a most memorable and
enjoyable event.



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