Tahoe Bonanza Story on John Singlaub 50 Completion

The Tahoe Bonanza reports John Singlaub of Zephyr Cover, Nevada, has completed 50 highpoints afer starting on Aug. 16, 1968.

My grandfather drove me and my parents to Brasstown Bald, Ga., part of a relaxing drive through the country near their Mountain City home,” Singlaub, 54, wrote in his journal. “My father had just returned from Vietnam. I had just graduated from high school in northern Virginia. My grandfather took a picture of us with the Brasstown Bald tower in the background, and recorded the event in his diary, which he maintained meticulously for 47 years.

It took two decades before he got serious about climbing again.

He noted he climbed Kings Peak with Pete Schoeneg.

It was just three months after he attempted Mt. Everest with (author) Jon Krakauer. As many people know that expedition didn’t make it, and they lost many experienced climbers. (Pete) was going to be the oldest guy to reach the top of Everest. There he was with me, right back to climbing after that tragedy. It was his 49th high peak.

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