What’s the word?

Sitting around this morning?  Sip on that coffee a little longer and check out this collection of links that may be of interest to highpointers.

Even though many in this group had summited Mt. Everest many times, they became the first Nepalese citizens to summit Denali via the West Rib.

If you are looking for a reason to bring your dog along on a highpointing trip, this story out of Pennsylvania, even if it did not occur on Mt. Davis, shows just one reason why it can be great to bring man’s best friend to the trail when you have a chance.  Anyone have any advice for hiking with a dog?

In tech news that could impact many of us, an app has been developed to allow hikers to register as they ascend and descend mountains. Would that work better than the standard register we have in so many places?

It looks like a massive search is underway for a missing hiker on Mt. Whitney.

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