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Craig Noland Wins Jack Longacre Award

Membership Guy Craig Noland was awarded the club’s highest award — the Jack Longacre Award — at the 2010 Convention.

The nomination for Craig said:

Craig Noland has been a strong supporter of the club from its earliest times; he served on the Board in the early 1990’s and serves again today. He, along with his late wife and climbing and host partner Mary Jane, joined the Club in 1991, and hosted the VA 1992 Convention. They also played a major role behind the scenes at the NC 2006 Convention.

Craig took over the membership duties from Jack Longacre, the founder of the club. He has contributed his time to ensuring that club activities are successful – including convention, newsletter, and membership – by successfully managing the membership roles of the club. He also keeps track of the summit totals for each member, as well as the “honorary members” list.

After Jack’s passing, Craig has continued promoting the ideals of the club without regard for any value returned to him. Craig has continued to provide new innovations to the club, including the very successful and timely on-line news updates. In many ways, he is one of the true “Founding Fathers and Mothers” of the Highpointers Club.


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