Jack Longacre Award

The Jack Longacre Award (the award was earlier named the “Highpointer Cum Laude Award”) is the highest award the club has. It is devoted to a lifetime of service to the club.

2016 – George Vandersluis
2014 – Tim Webb
2011 – Jean Trousdale
2010 – Craig Noland
2009 – John Mitchler
2005 – Don Holmes
2002 – Jack Longacre
2001 – Paul Zumwalt

The award is governed by Section 8.4 of the bylaws:

8.4. Jack Longacre Award
This is the highest honor that can be bestowed on an individual by the Highpointers Club. The Board of Directors may elect Jack Longacre Award recipients by a secret unanimous vote in recognition of individuals who have provided sustained exceptional service to the Highpointers Club. In order to qualify for this award, a nominee must have been previously awarded the Vin Hoeman Award. Any active member may nominate an active member for the Jack Longacre Award. Nominations shall be secret and submitted only to the President. This honor must not be taken lightly and it is anticipated that very few of the Highpointers Club members will qualify to be so honored. The maximum permissible living Jack Longacre Award recipients shall be limited to ten (10) persons. Jack Longacre Award recipients are considered active members for life, are exempt from paying dues, and are entitled to vote and hold office.

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