Hawkeye Point, Iowa Highpointers Convention Registration – July 24 and 25 2015

Hawkeye Point Mosaic
Welcome to Iowa 2015! Your host Jim Sutton, co-host Don Holmes, coordinator Nikki Hemphill and The Crew invite you to attend what we hope will be the largest convention in High-pointers Club history! We want you to make Convention #29 the #1 in attendance! To that end, we are planning a variety of events for the whole family, including some activities never seen or done before! Please start your planning now to join us next July. Here are some of the details:
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History and Future of Highpointers Conventions

The Highpointers Annual Convention and Membership Meetings rotate from region to region and are held in one of four geographical areas in the United States each year.

For those who have the “Highpoint Calling” they’re an almost religious experiences where you meet others obsessed with our noble and unique hobby.

Many of our pages are not yet put in the blog, but here’s a little history of the previous conventions and their respective pages along with some photo galleries.
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Interview with Highpointer Matt Moniz Who Survived Everest Base Camp Avalanche

Highpointer Matt Moniz survived the avalanche that killed at least 18 people at the Everest base camp on Saturday, April 28. Here’s an interview with him on Colorado Public Radio. (audio) Matt’s facebook page

Matt’s profile as associate director at Highpointers Foundation.

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2015 Access Dates for Illinois

Trip to Charles Mound 005
Charles Mound is private property with the owners house near the summit. In its history has been closed to the public and there has been a fee.

The owners have given us permission to visit the summit during daylight hours the first Saturday/Sunday weekends of June, July, August and September. There is no charge.

You cannot visit other times.
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Connecticut Outdoors Article on Club

Connecticut Outdoors has a nice article “Reaching the Top of America” by Dirk Langefled that includes an interview with Club President Time Webb.

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2015-2016 Highpointers Board of Directors

BOD DSC_3532 BOD +
2014-2015 Board of Directors:
Bottom Row Left to Right: Don Holmes, Ray Nelson, Mark Comstock, Nikki Hemphill, Kathy Delsaso, Kamell Abdenour
Second Row: Jim Sutton, Mick Dunn, Tim Webb, John Keator, Gary Szelc, Marion Bauman

Not Pictured Eric Lichtenstein and Roger Rowlett

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Trailer for American Highpoints

We are thrilled to see the first trailer Gary Scurka and Kathleen Wolffe’s new film American Highpoints by Every Step Productions. Gary and Kathleen have attended club conventions and interviewed numerous members in the preparation for their movie.
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Club Mentioned in Article on Sassafras Mountain

Highpointer News February 12, 2015
Thanks Heyward Douglass, executive director of the Foothills Trail Conference, for the shoot out of the Highpointers Club in a wonderful article about the new viewing platform on Sassafras Mountain that appeared in the Citizen-Times on February 9, 2015, in article by Karen Chavez headlined, “Highest Point in SC to get view on NC Border.” The shootout included:

Heyward said the iconic status of Sassafras as the highest point in South Carolina has been known for decades, but it has been a place hard to reach, especially for those in the Highpointers Club, a national group of hikers that attempts to reach the highest point in each of the 50 states…Douglass said the new platform will serve many functions — a notch in the belt for the Highpointers, a starting, ending or resting point for those traversing the Foothills Trail, another destination of note for South Carolina’s tourism office (maybe even in time for fall foliage season), and another place to stop and wonder at the region’s natural beauty.

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Missing Woodall Mountain Sign Recovered Down a Well

The Woodall Mountain summit dedicated during the 2010 convention but which disappeared shortly afterwards has been recovered after being discovered hidden in a well and tied to a garden hose. Great job!

The text of the announcement:

PLAQUE RECOVERED – On January 22, 2015, a local teen out for a hike in an area near US 72 in Iuka discovered something a little strange, an old water hose with one end tied to a tree and the other end thrown over into an old abandoned well.
When he pulled the hose from the well, he discovered the original plaque that had been stolen from it’s mount at the top of Woodall Mountain. The plaque was installed by the Highpointers Club with funding from the Highpointers Foundation on October 9, 2010.
Our office was notified and the plaque has now been cleaned and returned to the Tishomingo County Development Foundation.
Anyone with information about the plaque’s disappearance or how it ended up where it was found is asked to contact our office at (662) 423-7000. For additional information, contact Investigator Adam Hall

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2015 Highpointers Calendar at Merc

The 2015 Highpointers Calendar is available at The Merc.
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