The following is a curated list of links on various subjects including: Apps, General Information, Geocaching, Geology, Trip Reports and Weather. If you have suggestions for links to add, please contact us at

Apps – smartphone/tablets:

  • Peakbagger [Android] [iOS] – Andrew Kirsme – This app was featured in a recent “Apex to Zenith” newsletter. It provides access to peakbagger, listofjohn and summitpost so you can record your summits, get driving/route directions, look at trip reports and much more.
  • PeakPal [iOS] – Timothy Kelley – This handy camera app will compare peak heights and measure slope angles to an accuracy of 0.01°. A hi-tech alternative to using hand levels

General Information:


  • What is Geocaching? [Wikipedia] [REI] – These two links will provide you an overview of what geocaching is. The REI link is perhaps more “user friendly” for people just hearing about this activity.
  • – Started in 2000 this website (slightly commercialized) perhaps has the largest collection of caches. Free membership allows users access to coordinates, descriptions, and logs for some caches.
  • – The North America affiliate of Opencaching provides open, non-commercial access to hundreds of caches.


  • Highpoint Geology – This website tells the geologic stories behind each of the 50 US states. Content is being added periodically but it has summary information right now.
  • Geology of the US highpoints – Peter Thompson @ UNH – The University of New Hampshire provides detailed geologic information about each of the 50 US highpoints.
  • Geologic Maps of the 50 United States – ThoughtCo was written a nice article with maps on the geology of each state.
  • Geology of the conterminous United States – The USGS updated the Geologic Map of the United States in 1974 and made it available online. It is the basis for the ThoughtCo article.


  • American Alpine Club – A club whose goal is “a united community of competent climbers and healthy climbing landscapes.”

Trip Reports:


  • National Weather Service – The NWS provides reasonably accurate weather forecasts in mountaineous regions.
  • NOAA Snow Depth – If you are climbing in the shoulder season or planning a Winter ascent, you might want to look at the snow depth in the area.