Paul Zumwalt Award

The Paul Zumwalt Award which goes to highpointing service by non-club members.

Recipients include:
2016 – 3 staff of Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, 6 employees of printers and post office, Devyn Studer, Jayme Sevryn, Vicki and Monty Jo Roberts
2015 – 16 residents of Saipan involved with Agrihan climb
2014 – Lorrie Krontz, Chris Quoyeser, Shelby Arnold, Matthew Padilla
2013Karin Harmon, Malcolm Whitney Stebbins, Leslie Skellenger, Tani Livick and Rhonda Bateman
2012 – Alan Hubbell of Candlelight Storage in Golden; Lillian Steele, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce; Les and Sandy Denton for maintenance of Backbone Mountain; Plum Creek and its Employees, owners and operators of Mt. Arvon; Tracy Barrett and the Baraga County Tourism; Gerald Robbins of Kimball, Nebraska; Chandra Pomes, Timberline Lodge, Saturday banquet venue; Charles Barker, Mazama Lodge, Friday social venue; Callie Elliott, Mt. Hood Inn Best Western, host hotel; Brandy Webber, The Resort at the Mountain, lodging; Lee Davis, Executive Director, Mazamas, Portland mountaineering club; Jeff Thomas, Photo Archivist, Mazamas, Portland mountaineering club.
2011 – Rod Horton (Kimball Chamber of Commerce); 15 people who process and print the newsletter (Barnum Printing: Brittany Fike, Linda Prior, Frank Ortega, Sandy Hamm, Eric Hamm, Melvin Marine, Evan Sanchez, Carlos Suarez, Juan Munoz Jr, Nini Rosenberg, IV Rosenberg; LK Mail: Karen Pugh and Ken Pugh; Denver Post Office: Pat Reynolds and Chuck Hensel)
2010 – Sarah Wood
2009 – Chris Case, Mike Earll, Kirk Krau
2008 – Tracey Barrett, David Liano Gonzalez, Steve Koski
2007 – Kathy and Bob Blomberg, Bobby Gothard, Bill McRae, Donna Sterler

It is governed by Section 8.3 of the bylaws.

8.3. Paul Zumwalt Award
The Paul Zumwalt Award is made in recognition ofsignificant volunteer service by a non-member of the Club to a highpoint or the Highpointers Club in the year prior to the annual membership meeting. The Paul Zumwalt Award shall consist of a certificate of appreciation from the Highpointers Club signed by the President. The Awards Committee shall put a call for nominations in the first (lst) quarter Newsletter. Any active member may nominate a non-member for the Paul Zumwalt Award. Nominations shall be submitted only to the Awards Chairperson or their delegate. Recipients of this award shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors from nominees submitted to the Board by the Awards Chairperson. The Paul Zumwalt Award(s) can be presented anytime during the year. It is not required that the Paul Zumwalt Award be given each year nor is it limited to one individual in any one year. If warranted, multiple awards are encouraged. The Board of Directors shall maintain criteria for recipients of this award.

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