Vin Hoeman Award

The Vin Hoeman Award, named after the first person to complete the 50 state highpoints, is bestowed “for service to the Club in the pursuit of highpoints.” Any member with paid dues can nominate a candidate. With the nomination, the submitter should include a short description of the service and contribution that the nominee has made to the Club. John V. “Vin” Hoeman. Hoeman perished in an avalanche on Dhaulagiri in 1969

Past recipients of this, the Club’s most prestigious individual award are:

2017 – 2023: Not Awarded

2016 – Nena and Bomber Brown
2015 – no nominations
2014 – Alan Ritter, Kathy Dalsaso
2013 – Jan and Ray Nelson
2012 – Mark and Wendy Comstock, Miles Luke
2011 – Charlie Feris, Gary White
2010 – Jim Sutton
2009 – Kevin Baker
2008 – Tim Webb
2007 – Nikki Hemphill and Robert Hyman
2006 – Stony Burk
2005 – Charlie and Diane Winger
2004 – Roger Rowlett
2003 – Jean Trousdale
2002 – Craig and Mary Jane Noland
2001 – John Mitchler, Dave Covill
2000 – Jack Baker
1999 – Lillian and Gene Elliott
1998 – Mary Maurer, George Vandersluis, Mike Fedor
1997 – Juliana and Dave Epperson
1996 – no nominations
1995 – Ken Jones
1994 – Clark Hall, Jack Parsell
1993 – Don Berens
1992 – Jakk Longacre
1991 – Don Holmes
1990 – Frank Ashley
1989 – Paul Zumwalt

The award is governed by Section 8.1 of the bylaws:

8.1 Vin Hoeman Award
The Vin Hoeman Award is made in recognition of distinguished overall service to the Highpointers Club. The Awards Committee shall put a call for nominations in the first (1st) quarter Newsletter. Any active member may nominate one active member or, in special cases, a couple, for the Vin Hoeman Award. Honorary Members are also eligible for this award. Nominations shall be secret and submitted only to the Awards Chairperson or his/her delegate. Recipients of this award shall be determined by a secret two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors from candidates submitted by the Awards Committee. The Vin Hoeman Award shall be presented at the annual membership meeting. It is not required that the Vin Hoeman Award be given each year nor is it limited to one individual in any one year. The Board of Directors shall maintain criteria for recipients of this award.

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