History and Future of Highpointers Conventions

The Highpointers Annual Convention and Membership Meetings rotate from region to region and are held in one of four geographical areas in the United States each year.

For those who have the “Highpoint Calling” they’re an almost religious experiences where you meet others obsessed with our noble and unique hobby.

Many of our pages are not yet put in the blog, but here’s a little history of the previous conventions and their respective pages along with some photo galleries.

Future conventions will be:

2021 Pennsylvania
2020 Nevada

Past Conventions:
2019 Michigan
2018 Arkansas
2017 Massachusetts
2016 Montana
2015 Iowa
2014 Tennessee
2013 Maine
2012 Oregon
2011 Ohio
2010 Mississippi
2009 New Jersey
2008 Arizona
2007 Wisconsin
2006 North Carolina
2005 New Hampshire
2004 Washington
2003 Illinois
2002 Oklahoma
2001 Maryland
2000 Hawaii
1999 Missouri
1998 South Carolina
1997 Colorado
1996 Minnesota
1995 Vermont
1994 New Mexico
1993 South Dakota
1992 Virginia
1991 Nevada
1990 Texas
1989 New York
1988 Arizona
1987 Michigan

Interested in hosting a convention? Here’s the agreement and checklist.

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