Apex to Zenith first quarter (winter) 2023

Note: Second, Third, and Fourth Quarters of 2022 not published.

Georgia Konvention 2023 Registration and Details (may need to zoom to 90%)


Apex to Zenith first quarter (winter) 2022

Note: Fourth Quarter 2021 not published.

Note: First Quarter is now the “Winter” issue. Issue 135 published in June 2022.

Apex to Zenith third quarter (Fall) 2021

Apex to Zenith second quarter (Summer) 2021

Apex to Zenith first quarter (Spring) 2021


Highpointing can be a dangerous and strenuous activity. Some highpoints are major mountains which require mountaineering skills, proper equipment, experience with route finding and weather, knowledge of emergency procedures, and a respect for the outdoor world. This pursuit requires extensive road travel. Be prepared. Plan ahead. Research each visit. Do not attempt any peak in adverse conditions or beyond your capability.

Every experienced member has a list of peaks on which they have turned around. This is an accepted and respected aspect of the sport. The highpoint will always be there for another day!

Nevada 2021 Convention Cancelled

Because of continuing uncertainty about the Covid-19 pandemic, the Highpointers Club Board of Directors has approved the recommendation by the Convention Committee to cancel the 2021 Konvention in Nevada (hotel/event location in Bishop, CA). We will resume with the 2022 Konvention in Pennsylvania. Please stay tuned (and read your “Apex to Zenith”) for more information about PA-22 as the Konvention hosts complete their plans for next year. – Alan Ritter, HP Club President

Apex to Zenith fourth quarter (winter) 2020

Apex to Zenith third quarter (fall) 2020