Highpointers Club Board of Directors Nominations Due Soon

Highpointers Club Display and Brick Project at Campbell Hill, Ohio

In 2023, the Highpointers Club, the Ohio Hi-Point JVSD, and the National Air Defense Radar Museum signed an MOU for the Highpointers Club to conduct a Brick Project to raise funds for the NADRM. In return, the Highpointers Club will be provided space for display cases, artifacts and more. Also, a quarter of the funds will be used for student projects at the Ohio Hi-Point JVSD, including the design and placement of highpointer bricks adjacent tot he Ohio Highpoint.

The first placement of bricks is projected to take place in 2024! Don’t miss this chance to have a commemorative brick placed on a highpoint!

Information can be found in pages 16-18 of the most recent A to Z.

Apex to Zenith Issue 139 in Mailboxes Now

Apex to Zenith Issue 139 has shipped. If you do not receive yours soon, please complete our google form for missing newsletters. Don’t forget, your newsletter tell you how many issues you have remaining! Just check the back by your mailing address. If you need to renew, you have online and mail in options. If you let your membership lapsed and missed Issue 139, we want you to come back and join us!

2024 State Highpointers Konvention

Highpointers from all over will gather in the Mount Rushmore State for their annual Highpointers Club Konvention to be held July 17-20 at the Best Western Ramkota in Rapid City, South Dakota.

(Online Registration Now Open!)

Friday, July 19, is being targeted for the annual club hike up the highpoint local to the Konvention. This year, that hike will be up Black Elk Peak, about 55 miles from the Konvention host site.

Keep any eye out in A to Z 139, our website and social media for more details!

Apex to Zenith second quarter (Spring) 2023

Highpointers Board Election

It’s election time! If you are a current, active club member (dues paid and up-to-date), please place your vote for the Highpointers Club Board. Click here, ELECTIONS, to download the candidates statements and voting instructions.

Apex to Zenith first quarter (winter) 2023

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Georgia Konvention 2023 Registration and Details

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Apex to Zenith first quarter (winter) 2022

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Apex to Zenith third quarter (Fall) 2021