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Frank Ashley Award

The Frank Ashley Award goes to members for significant work in the year prior (it is different from the Vin Hoeman and Jack Longacre awards which reflect cumulative work).

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Jack Longacre Award

The Jack Longacre Award (the award was earlier named the “Highpointer Cum Laude Award”) is the highest award the club has. It is devoted to a lifetime of service to the club.

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Vin Hoeman Award

The Vin Hoeman Award, named after the first person to complete the 50 state highpoints, is bestowed “for service to the Club in the pursuit of highpoints.” Any member with paid dues can nominate a candidate. With the nomination, the … Continue reading

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Paul Zumwalt Award

The Paul Zumwalt Award which goes to highpointing service by non-club members.

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