Missing Woodall Mountain Sign Recovered Down a Well

The Woodall Mountain summit dedicated during the 2010 convention but which disappeared shortly afterwards has been recovered after being discovered hidden in a well and tied to a garden hose. Great job!

The text of the announcement:

PLAQUE RECOVERED – On January 22, 2015, a local teen out for a hike in an area near US 72 in Iuka discovered something a little strange, an old water hose with one end tied to a tree and the other end thrown over into an old abandoned well.
When he pulled the hose from the well, he discovered the original plaque that had been stolen from it’s mount at the top of Woodall Mountain. The plaque was installed by the Highpointers Club with funding from the Highpointers Foundation on October 9, 2010.
Our office was notified and the plaque has now been cleaned and returned to the Tishomingo County Development Foundation.
Anyone with information about the plaque’s disappearance or how it ended up where it was found is asked to contact our office at (662) 423-7000. For additional information, contact Investigator Adam Hall

Robert L. “Bob” Brown (Woodall Mountain Owner) (1928-2011)

We were sorry to hear in Ohio that Woodall Mountain, Mississippi, owner Robert L. “Bob” Brown had passed on July 4, 2011. Mr. Brown has been very generous to the club permitting access to the summit even when he could have cut off the private drive. We regret that he could not attend the unveiling of the rock on the summit during the Mississippi convention last October. His son “Bob-O” worked with the club to get the rock and was awarded a Frank Ashley Award at the 2011 convention (which Bob could not attend).

In a sign of his modesty no mention of ownership of the mountain appeared in the obituaries. Histories of Iuka noted that he lived in a house where Nathan B Forrest made his headquarters during the Battle of Iuka during the American Civil War.

Daily Corinthian Article on Highpointers Convention

corinthianThe Daily Corinthian in Corinth, Mississippi has a wonderful article on the 2010 convention. The article was published October 15, 2010 and headlined “Climbing Woodall: Highpointers ascend state’s highest peak” by Jebb Johnston. The article notes “Most of the people in the Highpointers Club are list-makers,” said club President Jim Sutton of California, who joined the “over-the-hill gang,” as Woodall was his 40th peak.

Woodall Mountain Monument Dedication, Award Winners and 2012 Convention Site Among Highlights of 2010 Convention

The 2010 Highpointers Convention has concluded at Woodall Mountain, Mississippi. As usual it was another spectacular magical convention.

One of the biggest highlights was the dedication of new signs at the base of the mountain and a monument rock and plaque at the top which was paid for by the Highpointers Foundation. The Brown family who own the mountain were on hand. Above is a video of the event.

We will be posting a lot more photos, videos and news but here’s a quick short list of highlights.

*The Club and Foundation dedicated a new stone memorial on top of Woodall Mountain in a ceremony attended by the Browns (the family that owns the summit), the mayor Iuka and a representative for Senator Roger F. Wicker.
*Oregon was selected as the site of 2012 convention beating out a spirited nomination of California.
*Craig Noland received the Jakk Longacre prize for life long club support
*Jim Sutton received the Vin Hoeman award.
*The mayors of Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia (and their respective city police departments) gathered to temporarily block off the major artery for a club visit to a tri-city point in the middle of Avalon Street.

2010 Highpointers Convention Oct. 7-9 in Mississippi

Registration has started for the 2010 Highpointers Club Annual Convention It will be Held October 7th – 9th Highlighting the Mississippi Highpoint on Woodall Mountain. (more…)

Other Privately Owned Highpoints

Indiana – Be careful about the kids and farm equipment.

Kansas – The owners have created a nice park. Be respectful!

Louisiana – You’re crossing private property as you walk past the church into the woods

Michigan – The highpoint is owned by Meade Paper. They have spent thousands of dollars to grade the road and want you to park by a pond about a half mile from the summit.

Mississippi – The highpoint is privately owned and there’s a cluster of antenna on the summit.

Nebraska – This privately owned highpoint is requesting $5 donations. They also do not wish you to hike across its fields to the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska Tri-State marker. Respect the buffalo!!!