Wendy Comstock (1952-2016)

Mark and Wendy Comstock with watermelon on Campbell Hill
We are sorry to hear of the passing of Wendy Comstock. Wendy’s smiling and positive appearance at almost all the Club convention has been an inspiration. Among other things she and her husband Mark Comstock were always the ones giving out the watermelons at our traditional watermelon fest at the convention.

Jean Trousdale (1933-2016)


Edward Earl (1964-2015)

We mourn the passing of Edward Earl who left us in an accident after an attempt to climb Mt Isto in Alaska on June 19, 2015. Ed was an avid highpointer and had been an editor of the county highpointer website. Itso had just been designated as the highest peak in the Arctic in North America.


Jack Parsell (1921-2015)

Jack Parsell formally nominates Arizona for 2008
Jack Parsell who was one of the original highpointers to attend the first highpointers convention in Michigan and who attended almost every convention afterwards. Jack was famed for his tripoint and low point books.Here’s an interview with him in 2003

Jack Baker (1936-2015)

John Jack Baker who won a Vin Hoeman Award in 1999 and was a former member of the Club Board of Directors passed on May 27, 2015. Per the legacy obituary

Adam Helman (1960-2015)

We mourn the passing of Adam Helman who was the driving force behind the county highpointing website.

Joseph “Mitch” Michaud (1928-2013)

Joseph “Mitch” Michaud (February 12, 1928-May 2, 2013) who was the second person to complete all 50 states when he did it on December 4, 1970, passed at his family home in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Bob Mitchler (1920-2012)

We are sorry to hear of the passing of Bob Mitchler, a kindly gentleman who was a regular convention attendee along with his wife Helen.

Bob, a World War II Navy vet and a former Illinois state senator, is the father of newsletter editor and 2012 Oregon host John Mitchler. Bob attended five conventions and summited 11 highpoints starting with Wheeler Peak which he did in 1994 at the age of 74 when he was attending the New Mexico convention.

*‘Even as he got older, he was still a driving force’ – The Beacon-News
*Former State Senator Robert Mitchler Dies at 91 – Oswego Patch
*Photos: Remembering Former State Senator Robert Mitchler – Yorkville Patch
*Mitchler celebrates 90th birthday with family, canoe race – The Fox Valley Labor News (June 8, 2010) – His 90th celebrated with sons John and Kurt, floating down the Fox River in the 49th annual Mid-American Canoe & Kayak race.
*Oral History

Bill Strickland (1921-2011)

Bill Strickland Gets 5 Patch on Mount Davis From Jean Trousdale
We are sorry to hear the passing of Bill Strickland. Bill and his wife Lee were fixtures at many conventions and an immense help to Mother Merc Jean Trousdale. They were co-hosts of the Oklahoma convention. Bill started highpointing at age 70 and did 31 highpoints. Below is his obituary.

Robert L. “Bob” Brown (Woodall Mountain Owner) (1928-2011)

We were sorry to hear in Ohio that Woodall Mountain, Mississippi, owner Robert L. “Bob” Brown had passed on July 4, 2011. Mr. Brown has been very generous to the club permitting access to the summit even when he could have cut off the private drive. We regret that he could not attend the unveiling of the rock on the summit during the Mississippi convention last October. His son “Bob-O” worked with the club to get the rock and was awarded a Frank Ashley Award at the 2011 convention (which Bob could not attend).

In a sign of his modesty no mention of ownership of the mountain appeared in the obituaries. Histories of Iuka noted that he lived in a house where Nathan B Forrest made his headquarters during the Battle of Iuka during the American Civil War.